This was our first attempt to animation. We didn't had someone, who could teach us how to animate a character that sleeps, or how the blanket moves etc. It was hard, but totally worth it, because it's ineffable to describe the feeling when you see how your character comes alive. We wanted to capture the progress of an artist who creates a character and his story through his sketchbook.

Maro is a young art student, who has self doubts about her own art. She compares her work with many others an that is wrong! She can see herself through her own creation Papo and realizes that she is unique. The upper drawings are early designs of Maro, later we decided that she wont have glasses, because one glasses means, hundred glasses to draw and we didn't had much time to finish everything.

First i coloured the Backgrounds, but later we realized that it might looks good but doesn't fit to the story that we are telling, namely that it's about an artist's sketchbook who tells the Story of Maro, his character, and that's why we used only the outlines and as an texture crinkled paper. Background (outlines) was drawn by Anica Landrichter. 

Some characters i created for maro's presentation, i decided that the circled one will be the chosen Papo, because he looks sweet, is adventurous and has a cool hat haha