No Title

Their is no title, because we entitle. We entitle other human beings on what they look like, what kind of clothes they wear, what they do in there free times or on how they behave or talk. The topic in our lecture was Refugees and i didn’t want to work with refugees, because i already did that for 2 years, i had enough. 


But once, a good friend told me he will never get a girlfriend because he looks like a refugee and that was his excuse and for me the start of my idea. Why not do a fashion shooting with my friends that look like refugees ? So the visitors to the exhibition in the Kunstverein in Stuttgart will probably thing they are, but after they reading the description they will realize they’re not! 


So yea, these 3 young men aren’t refugees, they are friends of mine (Simon Kidane, Hamudi Abdallah, Erdem Özer) who were born in Germany with foreign roots. I also asked my self what they are ? Are they germans ? Are they foreigners ? Are they the kids of an older generation who were refugees ? I think we should stop entitle other human beings and start to understand that we are all the same.